How to preserve oysters

First and foremost, is the temperature/humidity relationship. Oysters should be stored between 4º and 8º, the temperature of our refrigerators, but they must be hydrated in a bed of crushed ice to conserve the moisture they need, since the dry cold of the refrigerator would dehydrate them so much that they could die.

Let’s remember that the oyster is alive, so we should never freeze it.

The second aspect is the position in which they are placed. We must always store the oysters at home with the concave shell downwards, so that they themselves can retain the water inside and arrive in optimal conditions at our table with all their flavor and texture.

The best container is the original box with which we send them home ourselves. We have designed this box of poplar wood and chestnut shavings that retain large volumes of moisture and drain excess liquid if necessary. And we complete it with thermo-intelligent paper that maintains the right temperature.

The way to optimize the conservation of the Amélie oysters, in the event that we open the box, we must close it again with an elastic band and its lid, to put a weight on the upper part that exerts pressure.

By following these simple tips we can keep oysters for up to 10 days at home. So we can plan the purchase in advance and ensure that we will serve our guests the best oysters in the best conditions.