Decoding oyster flavors: the role of ‘merroir’ in shaping oyster profiles.  For centuries, oysters have been enjoyed as a delicacy across various cultures. They’ve not only been recognized for their aphrodisiac properties but also for their unique and diverse flavor profiles. Just like wines, which have their distinct tastes depending on the region they come […]

The ultimate guide to Mignonette Sauce for Oysters is here!  Oysters, with their delicate and briny flavors, have long been considered a delicacy in many cultures around the world. While they’re delicious on their own, pairing them with the right sauce can elevate their taste to a whole new level. One such sauce is the […]

Crisp Muscadet wine, the perfect companion for Amélie's Fine de Claire oysters, awaiting a perfect pairing experience

From France with love: wine pairing Amélie’s fine de claire oysters.  When it comes to decadence and elegance, few countries can boast a culinary repertoire as vast and profound as France. Discover the magic of Amélie’s Fine de Claire oysters and wine pairing, a true embodiment of French luxury. Nestled at the forefront of gastronomic […]

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Amélie’s commitment to crafting the best oysters is an inspiring saga of how an ordinary commodity can be transformed into high-end fine food. In the ever-evolving seafood industry, particularly the luxury oyster sector, Huîtres Amélie stands out not merely because of its product but also to its ethos, vision, and values. From a commodity to […]

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Crème fraîche and red radish, two ingredients for a delicious new recipe with Huîtres Amélie! For purists, there’s nothing like slurping a raw oyster straight from its shell. A splash of lemon juice or a dab of mignonette sauce accentuates its briny flavor, transporting one directly to the shores where it was harvested. Grilled oysters, […]

Close-up of fresh Huîtres Amélie oysters, shimmering with natural sea moisture, representing their pure and luxurious journey from ocean to plate.

The journey of Amélie Oysters departs from the allure of French oysters. The salty taste of the sea, combined with a unique texture and flavor, is a culinary experience that many seek but only a few truly understand. At the forefront of this delightful journey is Huîtres Amélie, a brand synonymous with luxury and premium […]

French oyster farming: A voyage from sea to table.  The French’s love affair with oysters can be traced back to the Roman era, with Pliny the Elder waxing lyrical about the “delicate sea fruits” of Gaul (1). Yet, it wasn’t until the 19th century, when French scientist Victor Coste, inspired by observations of natural oyster […]

The supercharged health benefits of oysters are due to their rich nutritional profile.  Amélie oysters are not just a treat for the tastebuds but also a treasure full of nutrients essential for a healthy lifestyle. 1. Rich in Nutrients: Oysters are a good source of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and proteins, which are indispensable for […]

Oyster cultivation in Marennes-Oléron has long been a mark of distinction in the seafood world. Located on the southwestern coast of France, the Marennes-Oléron region boasts a unique marine environment that’s particularly conducive for cultivating some of the world’s finest oysters. Among the gems of this region stands Huîtres Amélie, widely recognized as some of […]

Our oysters Amélie are bred and selected in Marennes-Oléron (France), the cradle of oysters since roman times. The great families of the empire brought them in at great expense for their banquets. Like wine, oysters take on unique properties depending on the environment they’re grown in – their own unique “merroir”. Amélie has its own […]