Amélie is a french maison d’huîtres whose art is based on the know-how of the best farmers who breed and select exceptional oysters.  The rich oyster beds of Marennes-Oléron give Amélie oysters a subtle maturity and an outstanding delicacy sought after by the best chefs and the most discerning palates.


An exceptional product
Amélie’s quality stems from rich, fertile land. The history of Marennes-Oléron tells us that there are certain oyster beds with extraordinary properties, renowned for consistently delivering large oysters of the same size. Our artisan oyster farmers have gleaned their know-how from these well kept secrets and reserve their best spots in the Marennes-Oléron for Amélie.
Once the growing and maturation stages have come to an end, Amélie oysters undergo a rigorous selection process, so that they each meet the standards of excellence that have made Amélie renown. Therefore, each batch is tested for the oysters’ morphology, the quality of their shells and the amount of meat in them to ensure they are of an exceptional quality.
Award-winning oysters

Amélie won France’s Concours Général Agricole in 2014, 2015 and 2018.  It won the silver medal in 2014, the year the awards were created, and the gold medal the next year, followed by the silver medal in 2018 and the gold in 2019.

In the 2016 Great Taste Awards, Amélie clearly stood out and was awarded a 3-star rating by Britain’s Guild of Fine Food. The oysters were recognised as one of the 50 top products of the year from among 10,000 candidates and won a Golden Fork, the highest distinction awarded in this competition.