Our Commitment to Safety and Purity

Our Commitment to Safety and Purity is clear.  Amélie Oysters, renowned for their distinctive taste and prime quality, embody a legacy of commitment to safety and the environment. Our ethos intertwines respect for the ocean with meticulously managed oyster breeding.  Amélie ensures that its oysters are not only delicious but also unequivocally safe. Here’s a glimpse into why Amélie Oysters stand as a beacon of safety in a sea of choices.

The sea

At Amélie, the sea is not merely a resource; it is a partner, a living entity to be protected, cherished, and collaborated with.  It ensures that the oysters harvested are as pure as the waters they originate from.

Chemical-free approach

Employing a chemical-free approach, Amélie maintains the purity of their oysters and safeguards the health of the sea by abstaining from using additives, chemicals, and antibiotics.  Our Commitment to Safety and Purity is clear.  The brand recognizes that a healthy ocean fosters equally healthy oysters.  By prioritizing environmental wellness, it aligns its practices with a future that continues to yield safe, flavorful oysters for generations to come.

Oyster breeding

Breeding oysters is a labor of meticulous care and passion at Amélie, where each oyster is nurtured through a four-year breeding period, rigorously monitored to ensure that it meets the stringent safety and quality standards set by the brand. Weekly tasting and laboratory controls form an integral part of this period, ensuring each oyster is developing as it should, while concurrently mitigating any potential risks to its quality or safety.

Safety checkpoints

The safety checkpoints for Amélie Oysters do not finish at harvesting. To solidify the safety of its oysters, the company implements a series of last sanitary measures immediately preceding expedition. Utilizing an advanced purification system, Amélie guarantees the height of water purity for its oysters. The mollusks are immersed in large pools of oxygenated sea water, meticulously maintained at a chilled 10 degrees Celsius, for a period of 3 to 4 days.

Moreover, Amélie employs a triple-threat approach to eliminate any lingering impurities and inhibit bacilli organisms, thereby amplifying the safety of their oysters. Skimmers gracefully glide over the water, extricating debris and potential contaminants.

Sand filters further purify the water, and UV lamps stand sentinel, ensuring that the waters nurturing the oysters during this purification stage are free from microbial threats. This synergistic combination of technologies ensures the oysters, in their final stage before reaching consumers, are as safe and pure as they can be.

Amélie’s inspiring journey from sea to table does not merely deliver oysters; it provides an assurance of safety, purity, and a respect for the ocean that is rarely paralleled. The conscientious practices, meticulous breeding, and advanced purification methods collectively weave a narrative where every oyster shucked is not only a moment of indulgent flavor but also a testament to what is achievable when safety and environmental stewardship converge.

In conclusion

In a world where the quest for quality often intertwines with ethical and environmental dilemmas, Amélie Oysters stand out. The harmony can be achieved by providing exquisite culinary experiences and preserving the purity of our world’s oceans. This is more than oyster farming – it is a philosophy, a commitment, and a promise that every Amélie oyster brought to the table is a safe, sustainable, and delicious. And thus, Huîtres Amélie continue to inspire, setting a benchmark in safety and sustainability for the aquaculture industry to aspire towards.