Savor the Season: Our Exquisite Green Oysters

Savor the Season: Our Exquisite Green Oysters

“Pop, slurp, savor, repeat” – becomes the anthem from October to April as we welcome the distinguished Marennes-Oléron green oysters to our tables. Limited, luxurious, and ludicrously tasty, these oysters are the ocean’s seasonal gift to our palates. Forget oysters being an aphrodisiac; this is about a love affair between a mollusk and your taste buds!

Nestled along France’s southwestern coast, the Marennes-Oléron region is revered as a bastion of oyster cultivation, where generations of savoir-faire coalesce with the unique terroir to birth an oyster that transcends mere sustenance, becoming an epitome of a culinary experience. Its ephemeral availability throughout the cooler months lends an air of quiet anticipation and exquisite rarity to each oyster.

The singular green hue, a captivating visual appetizer, is the hallmark of the Marennes-Oléron green oysters, particularly the prized ‘fines de claires’ and ‘spéciales de claires.’ These oysters munch on the Navicula ostrearia algae, bathing in nutrient-packed “claire” ponds, naturally adopting a cool green tint. No artificial colors here – just a natural gastronomic spectacle ready to dazzle your plate.

Sustainability: No Greenwashing Here

A poignant emphasis on sustainability underscores every aspect of the oyster cultivation process within Marennes-Oléron. The oyster farmers, guardians of this ancient craft, meticulously monitor each oyster’s development, eschewing mass-harvesting in favor of ensuring each oyster reaches its optimal size, flavor, and quality.

Savor the Season: Our Exquisite Green Oysters

Purists might go a la natural, a daring dash of lemon its only accomplice. But why not get cheeky with it?


A daring mignonette, a zesty salsa, or a bold, effervescent Muscadet – the world (read: oyster) is your experimental playground.  Best paired with a crisp, minerally Muscadet or a vibrant Blanc de Blancs.

Savor the Season, oyster aficionados!